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Audi A8, 2014, гарантия производителя

Audi A8, 2014, бу авто уаз 469


2 199 900р.

  • Город: Реутов, на карте
  • Дата размещения: 2018.11.08 в 06:26

Автомобиль приобретался и обслуживался у официального дилера. ПТС оригинал, полный комплект ключей. Отличный внешний вид. Автомобиль в очень богатой комплектации: Комплектация: 0C0 L COZ Standard 0EE L EDF Installation differentiation for standard transmission 0FA L FAD Standard manufacturing sequence 0JZ L GKV Without determination of weight categoryfor front axle 0K0 I ASY Without alternative drive system 0M0 L KBV Fuel tank 0RZ L ZSS Without ignition/starter switch locking system, without steering lock 0SN L SAU Labels/plates in Russian 0TD L ZFM Floor mats in front and rear 0U0 L KRQ Fuel quality 98 RON 0VU L BTA Information kit in Russian 0Y3 L KLZ Cold zones 0YZ L GKH Without determination of weight categoryfor rear axle 1A2 L KRS Fuel system for SI engine with direct injection (FSI) 1BY L DAE 4-corner air suspension for heavy-duty version 1D0 L AHV Without trailer hitch 1E0 L AKB Without activated carbon canister 1EY L TYP Special identification plate with weight data, but without general operating permit (ROW) 1G5 L RER Space-saving spare wheel, same size (same rolling circumference) as originalequipment tires 1KW L BAH Disk brakes in rear 1LL L BAV Disk brakes in front 1PD L ABR Wheel bolts with anti-theft protection (unlockable) 1QP L SIZ Special plates/decals/ safety certificates for Russia 1S1 L BOW Tool kit and jack 1SB L TWU Additional front underbody guard 1T3 L VBK First aid kit with warning triangle 1U0 L KLT Without table 1VH L TWL Installation parts for six-cylinder engine 1W0 L KBX Without refrigerator/glove compartment cooling system 1X1 L ATA Four wheel drive 1Z5 L KRM Increase in initial standard fuel filling 2C7 L LSS Safety steering column with electric axial and inclination adjustment 2D0 L CWV Without cd enhancing underbody panel 2K1 L SFS Reinforced bumpers 2T5 L DAT Without dual-view display 2V5 L FRI Fresh air intake system with combinationfilter 2WA L ZBR Without additional tires 2Z1 L TYZ Type sign at rear and "Quattro" nameplates respectively 2ZD E LRA Leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel with tiptronic, heated 3B7 L ZKV Child seat anchorage as per Canadian requirements a. ISOFIX child seat system 3FE L DEI Electric tilting and sliding glass sunroof with sun screen/sunblind 3PR P SIE Power seat adjustment for both front seats with memory feature 3X0 L DLS Without load-through hatch 3Y8 L SSR Power-operated roll-up sunshade for rearwindow and for rear side windows 4A4 P SIH Seat heater for front and rear seats separately controlled 4D1 E KMS Seat ventilation in front and rear 4E7 L SDH Tailgate/trunk lid power closing 4GQ L WSS Windshield in heat-insulating glass 4K4 L TKV Central locking w/ radio remote control 4KC L SSH Side and rear windows in heat-insulatingglass 4L6 L IRS Breakaway interior rearview mirror, auto-dimming 4QF P RSV 3-point seat belts in front, with electric height adjustment and memory feature 4UE L AIB Airbag for driver and front passenger 4V1 P BSV Front passenger sea. Так же продаю бу авто уаз 469, распродажа конфиската.

Запчасти б у для автомобилей УАЗ в Москве и Московской области. Разборки UAZ: 469, 452 "Буханка", 1512, 31514, 31519, 3153 Куплю фаркоп (прицепное устройство) старого образца для автомобиля Уаз-469 Телефон +79532324574.

Разборки УАЗ в Москве и области. Запчасти.

  • Марка: Audi
  • Модель: A8
  • Год выпуска: 2014
  • Пробег: 70874 км
  • Тип кузова: седан
  • Цвет: чёрный
  • Объём двигателя: 3. 0 л
  • Количество дверей: 4
  • Коробка передач: автомат
  • Тип двигателя: бензин
  • Привод: полный
  • Руль: левый
  • Состояние: не битый
  • Владельцев по ПТС: 2
  • VIN или номер кузова: WAUZZZ4H*EN****22
  • Мощность двигателя: 310 л. с.

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